Acoustic solutions offered by DCC Solutions

The soundproofing of a building is of paramount importance. Your home should be an oasis of peace where you happily live  without the noises of your neighbor or even other people who occupy your daily life.

The best acoustical insulation: Fermacell

DCC Solutions offers you an acoustic solution that offers an impressive set of advantages: Fermacell soundproofing floor panels. These panels,  fitted with insulation at the base, then covered with gypsum and cellulose sheets, have a double effect: thermal (heat) and acoustic (noise) insulation.

Designed to be installed quickly and without worries (for both a builder and a renovator), we are convinced that this acoustic solution will be the best for you and your project.

Note that the Fermacell soundproofing floor system is compatible with all floor coverings.

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Soundproofing for condominiums and multi-unit buildings: Goodbye concrete screed

In the particular case of condominiums or multi-unit buildings, the conventional solution for soundproofing each floor is the installation of a concrete floor. Although effective, this process also brings its share of inconveniences:

Excessive weight (18 lbs/ft2), which requires more investment in the building structure.
Long drying time for the concrete screed (28 days where the space must be heated).
Input of moisture into the structure.
The concrete screed must be installed in one step, no downtime for the workers if necessary.

With our solution, you are assured of having an alternative that performs as well, but without all the disadvantages that concrete creates.

The benefits of sound insulation

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Easy to manipulate

Fermacell floor soundproofing panels is designed for easy installation by one person.

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Superior acoustic and thermal insulation

The composition of Fermacell floor soundproofing panels ensures a high performance for both the insulation of your floor and its soundproofing.

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Quick installation

Unlike a concrete screed, which must be left to dry for 28 days, Fermacell floor soundproofing panels require only 24 hours for the adhesive to dry. This saves a lot of time when other work is to follow!

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If the environment is important to you, choosing to use Fermacell flooring panels is a natural choice. Made exclusively of mineral or renewable materials (recycled paper fibers, gypsum and water – no additional binder added), the use of Fermacell also avoids the pouring of a concrete slab with high GHG emissions (greenhouse gases).

Making a positive environmental difference with better soundproofing products

All this is without mentionning the environmental benefits that can be achieved through the use of Fermacell sound absorbing floorboards. Indeed, the product is composed exclusively of recycled paper fibers, gypsum and water (without the addition of additional binder).

Significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

The world production of cement corresponds to 7% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which represents 5 billion tons. The GHG savings generated by our products for the production of concrete represent the equivalent of 47,700 km travelled by a standard car!

In fact, a study conducted by L2C for a 4-story multi-unit building in Longueuil reports that the use of our products would cause :

  • A saving of 39 m3 of concrete required for the foundations.
  • A 5% reduction in foundation costs.

Fermacell soundproof flooring system

Fermacell soundproof flooring system - wood fiber

Take advantage of bio-based insulation to soundproof your floor!

Plaque Fermacell

Fermacell soundproof flooring system - mineral wool

Enjoy a rot-proof and environmentally friendly insulation for soundproofing your floor!

Presentation of benefits for different industries

Commercial and institutional construction

Commercial and institutional construction can benefit from the Fermacell soundproofing floor system due to its speed of installation. No more having to wait 28 days to let a concrete screed dry, your contractors can continue the work in barely 24 hours.

Residential construction and renovation

Whether you are a building contractor or an individual who self-builds your home, the ease of installation of Fermacell soundproofing floorboards represents a significant advantage, both in terms of your time and the savings to be made.

Need help?

If you have any questions about the Fermacell soundproofing floor system or for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us!