Sound-absorbing floor

The Fermacell soundproofing floor system is the perfect solution for your residential or commercial construction project. This product, used worldwide in a multitude of energy efficient buildings, is distributed exclusively by DCC Solutions in Canada.

Floor soundproofing: An essential element

Are you in the process of planning or constructing a multi-unit building? If so, there is no need to teach you that you will need a soundproofing solution to acoustically isolate the different floors, so that the occupants are comfortable.

The conventional solution to this is to pour a concrete screed between each floor. However, this solution is expensive, has a strong ecological footprint and requires a very long drying time (space heating and delay for other trades). Fortunately for you, there is an alternative that is just as powerful, but without all the drawbacks that the traditional method causes.

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Fermacell soundproof flooring system - wood fiber

Fermacell 2E31

The Fermacell 2E31 sound-absorbing floor sheet can be used as a dry screed as well as in renovation, during the transformation of existing buildings but also as part of new projects.

  • Composition: 2 10 mm fiber-gypsum boards + 1 10 mm wood fiber board (low density panel).
  • Dimensions (useful dimensions) [mm]: 1500 x 500 mm.
Plaque Fermacell

Fermacell soundproof flooring system - mineral wool

Fermacell 2E32

The Fermacell 2E32 sound-absorbing floor sheet with mineral wool consists of 2 fiber-gypsum sheets 10 mm thick, glued in the factory, leaving an offset of 50 mm; it is coated on its underside with a 10 mm thick mineral wool plate.

  • Fire resistance and sound insulation combined in one product.
  • Integral dry screed system, quick to install.
  • Limited weight.
  • Support suitable for all types of floor coverings.
  • Sustainable: Fermacell fiber-gypsum sheets are made from paper (recycled), gypsum (recycled) and water (from a wastewater treatment plant).

Acoustic Floor Insulation: The Benefits

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Superior acoustic and thermal insulation

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Fermacell Floor Insulation: Innovation in residential and commercial soundproofing

Discover how our floor insulation and soundproofing solutions surpass traditional soundproofing solutions in every way. Say goodbye to concrete screeds and replace your apartment, condo or house floor soundproofing processes with our Fermacell products.

With our solution, avoid downtime for workers, because the installation can be done according to the availability of each one and no waiting for the next stages of construction. No need to manage humidity as with concrete, which results in savings in heating and materials for the whole building.

All this is without  mentionning the environmental benefits that can be achieved through the use of Fermacell sound absorbing floorboards. Indeed, the product is composed exclusively of recycled paper fibers, gypsum and water (without the addition of additional binder). In addition, the weight savings caused by the use of Fermacell compared to the concrete screed significantly reduces the amount of material required for the building structure. A study carried out by L2C for a 4 levels multi-unit building in Longueuil reports that the use of Fermacell would cause:

  • A saving of 39 m3 of concrete required for the foundations;
  • A 5% reduction in costs for foundations.


Concrete screed

Setting up

Can be laid in several stages

Must be done in 1 single, long step

Delay for the installation of the floor covering

24 hours

28 days


No added humidity in the building

Requires additional humidity control in the building


Only required for a 24 hour period during installation

Required throughout the curing of the concrete, i.e. 28 days


Light (5.3 lbs / ft2)

Heavy (18 lbs / ft2)

Some of our floor soundproofing projects

Presentation of benefits for different industries

Commercial and institutional construction

Commercial and institutional construction can benefit from the Fermacell soundproofing floor system due to its speed of installation. No more having to wait 28 days to let a concrete screed dry, your contractors can continue the work in barely 24 hours.

Residential construction and renovation

Whether you are a building contractor or an individual who self-builds your home, the ease of installation of Fermacell soundproofing floorboards represents a significant advantage, both in terms of your time and the savings to be made.

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