Exterior cladding and siding

DCC Solutions offers a multitude of siding, mainly designed and distributed for commercial and institutional construction.

Our priorities as a siding contractor

At DCC Solutions, special attention is paid to the choice of products that the company distributes. We have explored virtually every exterior siding product line to find the few rare gems that will make your commercial or institutional buildings icons for decades to come.

All of the exterior claddings featured on this page have some very unique characteristics, such as their compositions, but they also share a few qualities such as unmatched durability, long-term resistance to the elements, and a modern appearance.

This is without taking into account that all these solutions represent ecological alternatives comparably to conventional products.

Please note that all of our exterior cladding solutions have an option for an installation  without visible hardware.

type of exterior cladding

Characteristics of our exterior cladding panels

icon durable

Unmatched durability

All of these materials have impressive structural and strength properties, so your building will be safe and secure for decades to come.
Freeze/thaw cycle resistance icon

Weather resistance

By choosing our products, you ensure yourself a peace of mind, your building will be alright, no matter the weather (resistance against rain, snow, sun, wind, etc.).
Impact resistance icon

Impact resistance

The exterior siding distributed by DCC Solutions all have exceptional resistance to every weather episode.
Elegant look icon

Elegant look

Each product is available in a multitude of colors and textures, so it would be surprising if you couldn’t find a combination that will soothe your eye!

Our selection of exterior cladding

Concrete panel CAAST

Reinforced concrete panel

CAAST reinforced concrete panels are extremely durable and require very little maintenance due to their composition (concrete + structuring polymer). Given their in-mold production, they can be customized for your project (multiple colors also available). These panels are also environmentally friendly, as their strong structure means that the panels can be very thin (½ ”). Coupled with unparalleled durability, it is clear that this is a very sustainable product.

Fiber Cement Cladding Details

Fiber cement panel

Opus pro fiber cement panels are composed of a lightweight cement, ie cement mixed with mineral matter and organic fibers. This composition provides durability to the panels as well as protection against fire, the weather and impacts. By being installed outdoors as part of a ventilated facade system, the panel also helps the building manage heat and humidity through the seasons.

In addition, Opus pro fiber cement panels are available in 12 beautiful, vibrant colors, 6 unique surface textures and 4 panel sizes, so there is something great for every taste!

Phenolic laminate siding

Phenolic laminate panel

Crown XCL phenolic laminate panels are composed of cellulose fibers from sustainable sources and thermoset acrylic resin to protect them in it’s  entirety. The properties of this acrylic resin offer protection against virtually any environmental stress imaginable: resistance to fire, the weather, rain, UV rays, impacts, scratches and more… Coming in a variety of different colors and textures, choosing the Crown XCL  for your building means choosing a professional look for decades to come!

sustainable building cladding

Ceramic panel

Tempio ceramic panels offer similar advantages to the other exterior sidings distributed by DCC Solutions, namely a modern look, significant durability and high resistance to the elements of the weather. However, its installation method, i.e. the ventilated facade (a set of air is left behind each panel) offers other important advantages, such as better insulation, elimination of thermal bridges, better moisture management and more.

In addition, many efforts are made in the factory during the manufacture of the product to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible, thus helping to make Tempio a green alternative.

Ceramic panels cladding

Ceramic clapboard shingles

Rustikotta ceramic shingles offer remarkable durability and versatility. Because the product is installed like a traditional facade, it can effectively be installed on commercial, institutional and residential buildings.

A distant cousin of the Tempio panels, the two products share the same material, namely extruded porcelain (ceramic). Both products therefore offer the same advantages, namely unparalleled durability thanks to the embedded color in the mass of the product and resistance to practically all the elements.

Application of our exterior siding for different industries

Commercial and institutional construction

All exterior siding distributed by DCC Solutions have optimal characteristics for any commercial and institutional building. They are indeed durable, have a modern look and are resistant to all weather and impacts of all kinds.

Residential construction and renovation

Usually, for the construction or renovation of a residential building, the requirements in terms of durability and resistance to the elements are less intense. However, why not choose a high end product class for your home? After all, if an exterior siding can withstand the abuse of a public place, imagine how long that product will last on a home!

Need help choosing your siding?

If you have any questions about our exterior siding selection or for a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us!