Exterior Ceramic Panels Cladding

This ceramic panel is a product with the same benefits as its cousin Tempio, including substantial durability, fade resistance and resistance to extreme temperatures.

Ceramic panel: durability and extravagance

The Rustikotta ceramic cladding is made from the same material as the Tempio panels, namely extruded porcelain (ceramic). However, instead of being long, wide panels assembled into a ventilated facade, Rustikotta is instead installed as a traditional facade, for an extravagant look.

While Tempio is a more focused solution for commercial and institutional buildings, Rustikotta, as far as it is concerned, is a more versatile product in its application: it can very well be also used for these same industries, but also in the residential sector!

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Exterior Ceramic Panels Cladding


Rustikotta ceramic tile panels are factory made in an oven at 1200 degrees Celsius. When cooled, the result is an extremely durable shingle whose color is distributed throughout the entire mass and not just on the outside of the product (like other low quality products).

Let us mention the main benefits of the product:

  • Modern and stylish look for any type of building;
  • Non-combustible material;
  • Resistance to water and all weather episodes;
  • Long service life and minimal maintenance;
  • Two mounting options available: visible or concealed.
Ceramic panels cladding

Ceramic Cladding advantages and benefits

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A natural product

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Resistance to water and weather episodes

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A product that does not fade

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Maximized ecological footprint

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Commercial and institutional construction

Let’s be frank, in commercial and institutional construction, the durability and look of a product, especially for an exterior cladding product, is of utmost importance. Your building represent your company, your customers or your organization and by using a product like Rustikotta ceramic shingles, you can ensure that it looks amazing for decades to come. All this without considering the fact that Rustikotta is a durable, resistant and maintenance-free solution…

Commercial and institutional construction

While a residential building’s grade need for exterior siding is lower (less wear and tear), you might want to install the best durable solution, period. After all, if it’s good for a commercial building, the product will only last longer for residential use. Treat yourself to THE most durable solution for your home, choose Rustikotta ceramic shingles!

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