Reinforced concrete siding

Are you looking for a super-resistant, elegant and maintenance-free exterior siding? CAAST reinforced concrete panels are an incredibly durable solution – once installed, you basically don’t have to worry about them!

CAAST: durability at it’s core

For a commercial or institutional building, the long-term appearance of a siding is essential. After all, you wouldn’t want your branding material to be decayed or faded in a few decades …

CAAST reinforced concrete panels have been designed with durability as a primary feature. These panels are made from a mixture of concrete composite and a polymer (Polyvinyl alcohol), giving them an incredibly durable structure.

Our concrete panel siding products

Reinforced concrete siding


CAAST reinforced concrete panels offer durability and strength far beyond what the competition offers. In short, CAAST offers the following benefits:

  • Exceptionally durable;
  • Requires very low maintenance over its entire useful life;
  • Offers an interesting ecological footprint (due to its durability over time);
  • Highly malleable during production, so unique architectural details can be included in your pannels (multitude of colors also available);
  • Two mounting options available: visible or concealed.
Concrete panel CAAST

Benefits of this type of concrete siding

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Panels that can be customized

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A panel that lasts is ecological

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A durable panel over time

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Very little maintenance

Some realizations with our concrete panels

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Find out how we help different industries

Commercial and institutional construction

Let’s be frank, in commercial and institutional construction, the durability and look of a product, especially for a siding product, is of utmost importance. Your buildings represent your company, your customers or your organization and by using a reinforced concrete product like CAAST panels, you ensure that you look amazing for decades to come.

Residential construction and renovation

Usually, for the construction or renovation of a residential building, the requirements in terms of durability and resistance to the elements are less intense. However, why not choose a high-end product like CAAST for your home? After all, if this one is able to endure the abuse of a public place, imagine how long the life of this product will be on a residential building!

Install concrete siding panels!

If you have any questions about the CAAST reinforced concrete panel or for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us!