Fiber Cement Panels in Canada

Are you looking for the perfect look for your commercial or institutional building?

Look no further, Opus pro fiber cement panels have a modern look, in addition to being durable and requiring very little maintenance!

Why choose fiber cement siding?

Opus pro fiber cement panels will provide a modern look to your projects, whether commercial, institutional or residential. Available in 12 beautiful, vibrant colors, 6 unique surface textures and 4 panel sizes, the product has everything it needs to please any eye.

Opus pro also has other advantages, such as its durability: the amalgam of fiber cement and organic fibers gives the product resistance to fire, water, weather and impacts. By being installed outdoors as part of a ventilated facade system, the panel also helps the building manage heat and humidity through the seasons.

Our exterior fiber cement siding products

Fiber Cement Panels


Opus pro fiber cement panels are manufactured by mixing fiber cement (a mixture of cement and mineral material) with organic fibers. Before leaving the factory, the panels are compressed twice and autoclaved. The result is a panel that is excessively strong and durable over time.

A unique property of the Opus pro panel is that the color (and therefore the protection) of the panel is distributed throughout its mass and not concentrated on the outside as is the case with standard fiber cement panels. After a cut, you can leave the panel as it is with the joints open (no need to seal the ends of the panels as is the case with standard fiber cement).

Let us mention the following benefits:

  • Fire resistance;
  • Resistance to water and all weather;
  • Very high strength and therefore resistance to impacts;
  • Long life expectancy;
  • Two mounting options available: visible or concealed.
Fiber Cement Cladding Details

The Benefits of Fiber Cement Panels

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Non-combustible material

water resistant icon

Resistance to water and the weather

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Incredible strength and impact resistance

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A long-term solution

Our achievements in fiber cement exterior cladding

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Find out how we help different industries

Commercial and institutional construction

Let’s be frank, in commercial and institutional construction, the durability and look of a product, especially for a siding product, is of utmost importance. Your buildings represent your company, your customers or your organization and by using a product like Opus pro fiber cement panel, you ensure that your building will look amazing for decades to come. And this remains valid for the Opus pro, because whatever environmental stress comes your way, it will withstand it!

Residential construction and renovation

Usually, for the construction or renovation of a residential building, the requirements in terms of durability and resistance to the elements are less intense. However, why not choose a high-end product like Opus pro for your home? After all, if this one is able to endure the abuse of a public place, imagine how long the life of this product will be on a residential building!

Ready to build a modern and sustainable building?

If you have any questions about the Opus pro fiber cement panel or for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us!