Phenolic laminate siding

The choice of siding for a commercial or institutional building, whether interior or exterior, is crucial. You need a material that is stylish, but also durable over time while not requiring too much maintenance. Let’s face it, very few materials meet all of these criteria … However, our phenolic laminate siding fits the bill!

Phenolic cladding, a long-term solution

For an exterior cladding of a commercial or institutional building, the durability of a product is essential. Without false modesty, it would be difficult to find a more durable product than Crown XCL phenolic laminate panels… Indeed, these are resistant to fire, to the weather, to rain, to UV rays, to impacts, to scratches and more…

An almost indestructible material, Crown XCL owes its resistance to its unique manufacturing process: heat hardening.

Our phenolic laminate panel products

Phenolic laminate siding

Crown XCL

As previously mentioned, Crown XCL phenolic laminate panels are protected by two coats of heat-cured acrylic resin. The material it is protecting is sustainably sourced cellulose fibers (80% of the product) and a visual finish (large choice of colors and textures). All in all, this amalgam ensures incredible resistance. Let us mention the following benefits:

  • Anti-bacterial surface;
  • Material that does not require additional structure to support it;
  • Resistant to water, abrasion, impacts, scratches, heat, chemicals, etc. ;
  • Possible to install it both horizontally and vertically (therefore for exterior siding, but also as a floor, ceiling or furniture);
  • Simple installation and requires very little maintenance;
  • Two mounting options available: visible or concealed.
Phenolic laminate siding

The benefits of this commercial exterior panel

Anti-bacterial surface icon

Anti-bacterial surface

Fire resistant icon

Increased fire resistance

Impact resistance icon

Resistance to pretty much anything

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Available in a multitude of colors and textures

Some examples of cladding made with our phenolic laminates

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Description realisation 1

Titre realisation 2

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Find out how we help different industries

Commercial and institutional construction

Let’s be frank, in commercial and institutional construction, the durability and look of a product, especially for a siding product, is of utmost importance. Your buildings represent your company, your customers or your organization and by using a product like Crown XCL phenolic laminate panel, you ensure that your building will look amazing for decades to come. And this remains valid for the Crown XCL, because whatever environmental stress comes your way, it will withstand it!

Residential construction and renovation

Usually, for the construction or renovation of a residential building, the requirements in terms of durability and resistance to the elements are less intense. However, why not choose a high-end product like Crown XCL for your home? After all, if this one is able to endure the abuse of a public place, imagine how long the life of this product will be on a residential building!

Choose the most durable siding available!

If you have any questions about the Crown XCL phenolic laminate panel or for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us!