Ventilated Ceramic Facade

Ventilated Ceramic Facade effectively offer a range of benefits such as high durability, lower energy costs for the building, easy installation and low environmental footprint.

A ventilated facade presents a lot of advantages

Tempio ceramic facades offer a wide range of benefits. With an incredible look, the product is available in a multitude of colors and textures. Likewise, several shapes and profiles are available, giving you the possibility of having a unique architectural concept! Also, ceramic, or more precisely, extruded porcelain, is an extremely durable material and because the color is evenly distributed throughout the mass of each panel, product maintenance is virtually inexistent.

Our ceramic panel products

Ventilated Ceramic Facade


Tempio ceramic facades are factory made in an oven at a heat of 1 200 degrees Celcius. When cooled, the result is an extremely durable panel whose color is distributed throughout the mass and not just on the outside of the product (like other standard products).

Let us mention the main benefits of the product:

  • Adding insulation to your building and better moisture management thanks to the ventilated facade;
  • Non-combustible material;
  • Resistance to water and all weather episodes;
  • Long service life and minimal maintenance;
  • Ecological product with numerous European environmental certifications and an environmental product declaration (EPD);
  • Two mounting options available: visible or concealed.
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Tempio, a siding with a thousand advantages

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Better insulation and moisture management

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An eco-friendly product

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A sustainable product

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Maximized ecological footprint

Some realizations with our ceramic panels

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Find out how we help different industries

Commercial and institutional construction

Let’s be frank, in commercial and institutional construction, the durability and look of a product, especially for an exterior siding product, is of utmost importance. Your buildings represent your company, your customers or your organization and by using a product like Tempio ceramic panels you are ensuring yourself an incredible look for decades to come. And this is without considering all the benefits in terms of thermal envelope and humidity management that your building will receive!

Commercial and institutional construction

Usually, for the construction or renovation of a residential building, the requirements in terms of durability and resistance to the elements are less intense. However, why not choose a high-end product like Tempio for your home? After all, if this one is able to endure the abuse of a public place, imagine how long the life of this product will be on a residential building!

Choose a ventilated ceramic façade!

If you have any questions about Tempio ceramic panels or for a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us!