Our fire protection solutions

It is easy to see that a fire in an infrastructure, regardless of its location or its intensity, can be excessively dangerous, both for the structure and for the human lives present. DCC Solutions offers affordable, secure and proven fireproof wall panels for any infrastructure.

Materials for commercial fire protection

You know it as well as us, a fire in an infrastructure can be catastrophic. In addition to the loss of human life, the consequences are great:

  • Fire can damage the stability of the structure;
  • Fire can deform the structure due to the intense heat;
  • The integrity of the envelope may be compromised;
  • Any repair work entails enormous economic costs.
Fireproof Wall Panels

The advantages of fire protection panels

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Non-combustible material

Aestuver panels are made of lightweight concrete reinforced with glass fibers, a composition that is simply incombustible.
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Because of all the benefits of installing Aestuver, only one fire would be required over the life of a tunnel to make the operation profitable. In fact, a study of a typical tunnel in Germany showed that the costs, including installation, would be 4 times lower over the life of the tunnel for tunnels with Aestuver protection than for those without.
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Easy installation

Aestuver fire protection panels can be installed in both existing tunnels and structures under construction. Indeed, they can be fixed directly on top of the concrete of an existing tunnel or be added to the structure during the pouring of the cement.
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Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles

Not all products are compatible with Canada’s harsh winters. Don’t worry, the product is designed to withstand the multiple freeze/thaw cycles typical of our winters!

Our fireproof insulation wall panels

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Aestuver panels are made of lightweight concrete reinforced with glass fibers, a composition that is simply incombustible. They can be used in a multitude of infrastructures or areas requiring fire protection. A versatile product, it can be installed on both existing and under construction infrastructures.

The industries we protect against fire

Civil construction

For any infrastructure, the long-term viability of the structure and the safety of its users is of utmost importance.

In the specific case of a tunnel, a simple fire can turn into a disaster, both from an engineering and a human point of view. Enjoy increased protection against fire by installing Aestuver panels in your infrastructure!

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