Fire protection in a tunnel

Aestuver fire protection panels are designed for easy installation in tunnels. It is clear that a fire in a tunnel, regardless of its intensity, is excessively dangerous, both for the structure and for the human lives present. Aestuver is an affordable, secure and proven solution for any infrastructure.

Passive Fire Protection in a Tunnel

As you may know, a fire in a tunnel can be catastrophic. In addition to the loss of human life, the fire can damage the stability of the tunnel structure and can distort the structure due to the intense heat. 

However, a tunnel protected by Aestuver fire protection panels is immune from all these serious consequences. This is the beauty of the product! What’s more, the hardware installs over the existing structure, making installation relatively straightforward.

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Passive Fire Protection


The installation of Aestuver fire protection panels can be carried out both for existing tunnels and for works under construction. Indeed, they can be attached directly over the concrete of an existing tunnel or be added to the structure during the pouring of cement.

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Advantages of Aestuver fire protection panels

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Non-combustible material

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Easy installation

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Resistant to freeze-thaw cycles

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For any infrastructure, the long-term viability of the structure and the safety of its users is of utmost importance. In the specific case of a tunnel, a simple fire can turn into a disaster, both from an engineering and a human point of view. Enjoy increased protection against fire by installing Aestuver panels in your infrastructure!

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