DCC Solutions: Construction Materials Supplier

DCC Solutions is proud to distribute high quality building materials that are durable and have a low ecological footprint. We distribute several product lines, including acoustic solutions, exterior siding, fire protection panels and more. Given the breadth of our different product lines, several industries can benefit from them.

Construction and renovation

Our Fermacell insulating sub-floor systems can save you a lot of money and time compared to the traditional concrete screed method. Likewise, the simplicity of its installation and the time thus saved in logistics and waiting for the various trades is substantial. You are also guaranteed to find the perfect exterior siding for your project in the product lines offered by DCC Solutions. Being mostly non-combustible, the different options are also varied in terms of color, texture and presentation.

Municipal and government

It’s no secret that buildings in institutional settings tend to endure a lot of wear and tear due to high traffic. These buildings therefore need exterior coverings that are ultra-resistant while also having a modern look. You will find these properties and much more in our ranges of CAAST (reinforced concrete), Crown (thermo-hardened acrylic resin), Opus (fiber cement), Tempio or Rustikotta (ceramic) panels.


The planning stage of a building is one of the most important, this is when you and your architect begin to create a dream. A good architect will know how to integrate the best elements into your project. For the best style, what better to ask for than the different exterior siding provided by DCC Solutions?


Several projects owe their longevity to engineers who studied the details  in depth when creating the plans. At this stage, the integration of certain products would be very relevant, such as the Aestuver fire protection panels. Whether for infrastructures such as tunnels or for residential or commercial buildings, these passive protection panels will protect the integrity of structures as well as the lives of users!

Is your industry not here?

Don’t worry, DCC Solutions also offers totally tailor-made solutions. To find out more, contact us now.