DCC Solutions as an ally for architects

DCC Solutions distributes several lines of exterior siding with various colors, textures and appearances. Something to make any architect happy!

While the appearance of a covering material is of utmost importance, other criteria are also important. Rest assured, all the products distributed by DCC Solutions also share unparalleled durability, exceptional resistance as well as a low ecological footprint.

Discover our products for the architectural sector

Concrete panel CAAST

CAAST reinforced concrete exterior cladding panel

Phenolic laminate siding

OPUS PRO fiber cement panel

Fiber Cement Cladding Details

OPUS PRO fiber cement panel

Phenolic laminate siding

TEMPIO ceramic panel

Exterior Ceramic Panels

RUSTIKOTTA ceramic clapboard shingle

Find out how our products are used in the architectural sector

Exterior Siding

Our range of exterior coverings is quite expandable:

  • CAAST reinforced concrete panel;
  • Crown XCL phenolic laminate panel;
  • OPUS PRO fiber cement panel;
  • TEMPIO ceramic panel;
  • Rustikotta ceramic clapboard shingle.

They are all relevant for a wide range of buildings, whether residential, commercial, institutional, etc.

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