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DCC Solutions distributes several ranges of materials that may be relevant to the construction and renovation industry, whether residential, commercial or institutional.

The best products for your construction projects

Although all of the products distributed by DCC Solutions are unique solutions, they all share some commonalities.

First, whether we are talking about Fermacell acoustic sub-floors, exterior coverings (CAAST, Crown, Opus, Tempio or Rustikotta) or fire protection panels, all these materials represent a sustainable solution. They are indeed designed to have the same useful life as the building in which they are found.

Likewise, with the exception of Fermacell sub-floor boards (which is installed indoors), all the other materials distributed by DCC Solutions have exceptional resistance to exterior elements. Note that they all have substantial resistance to almost anything that could damage them: rain, frost, wind, UV rays, shocks, etc.

The majority of these products also have in common a small ecological footprint, or at least, noticeable efforts to reduce during production.

Finally, all exterior siding products are available in various colors and textures. All also available with an installation option without visible hardware, we are convinced that you will find a product that meets your expectations!

High performance construction materials for different sectors

Residential construction and renovation

The needs differ considerably depending on the different industries. For construction and residential renovation, the comfort of the people living in the home is paramount. And what could be more comfortable than efficient, durable and ecological materials?

residential construction
commercial construction

Commercial and institutional construction and renovation

The commercial and institutional construction and renovation industries also have very specific needs. As these buildings encounter substantial traffic and significant wear and tear, these areas require the most durable and resilient materials.

The benefits of materials distributed by DCC Solutions

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Freeze/thaw cycle resistance icon

Increased resistance to the elements

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Low ecological footprint

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Une allure sans pareil

Our sustainable building construction materials

Fermacell insulating sub-floor

Concrete panel CAAST

Concrete Siding and Cladding

Fiber Cement Cladding Details

Fiber Cement Panels

sustainable building cladding

Ceramic panel

Exterior Ceramic Panels

Ventilated Ceramic Facade

Phenolic laminate siding

Phenolic Laminate Siding for Commercial

product fire protection Aestuver

Fireproof Wall Panels

Discover how our customers use the products we distribute


For soundproofing residential buildings, the concrete screed method is the most commonly used. However, did you know that by using Fermacell subflooring panels instead, you could save time, money and still have the same efficiency?

Use of Fermacell boards as subfloor

Our range of exterior siding is quite varied.

They are all relevant for a commercial or institutional building, while the Rustikotta is also a good choice for residential buildings.

Fire protection

Aestuver passive protection panels can be installed in critical areas of a building, whether residential, commercial or institutional.

The areas to be protected as a priority are ventilation, electrical wiring and emergency exits.

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