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DCC Solutions distributes several lines of materials that may be relevant for municipal or government buildings and infrastructures.

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As there is an impressive variety of municipal and government buildings and infrastructure, their planning, construction and maintenance require both appropriate and varied solutions. However, one factor remains the same regardless of the job at hand – the need for quality equipment. And this is where DCC Solutions becomes a major ally!

Indeed, at DCC Solutions, we put a lot of effort into finding products and materials of the highest quality and efficiency possible.

We specialize particularly in acoustic solutions (Fermacell sub-floor), exterior cladding as well as passive fire protection.

The benefits of products distributed by DCC Solutions

Although all the products distributed by DCC Solutions are unique solutions, they all share some common points.

Indeed, whether it is for our soundproofing solutions, our exterior siding or our fire protection, the products we have to offer you offer an unequalled durability, an outstanding resistance, a low ecological footprint as well as a very charming appearance.

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Increased resistance to the elements

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Low ecological footprint

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Discover our products for the government and municipal sector

Using Fermacell panels as a sub-floor

Concrete panel CAAST

Phenolic Laminate Siding for Commercial

Phenolic laminate siding

Phenolic Laminate Siding for Commercial

Fiber Cement Cladding Details

Fiber Cement Panels

sustainable building cladding

Ceramic panel

Ceramic panels cladding

Ventilated Ceramic Facade

product fire protection Aestuver

Aestuver passive protection panels

Find out how our products are used in the government sector


Some solutions are available to you to soundproof the different floors of a municipal or governmental building. However, it would be surprising to find a solution as affordable, efficient and hassle-free as the use of Fermacell soundproofing floor panels.

Exterior cladding

Our range of exterior cladding is quite extensive:

  • CAAST reinforced concrete panel;
  • Crown XCL phenolic laminate panel;
  • OPUS PRO fiber cement panel;
  • TEMPIO ceramic panel;
  • Rustikotta ceramic shingles.

Fire protection in infrastructure

Aestuver panels can be installed in municipal or government facilities where the presence of a fire can have substantial consequences, such as tunnels. Aestuver is non-combustible and easy to install, and can be installed in existing or new infrastructures.

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